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If you have been arrested for DUI in Northern Kentucky, the first thing you should do is speak with a knowledgeable attorney who has a proven track record of successfully representing past DUI clients. Speaking with an experienced DUI defense lawyer is the first step in building a strong case and solid defense. By working with a DUI attorney, you can review your case and question the facts surrounding your individual situation. A talented lawyer may be able to find law enforcement or test result errors that will aid in your defense. In some cases, law enforcement errors or mistakes can lead to the reduction or dismissal of a person’s criminal charges. Common errors made by law enforcement include:

• Police Officers not having sufficient Probable Cause: Before law enforcement officials can make a DUI traffic stop, they must have sufficient probable cause. If law enforcement officials do not have sufficient probable cause, they cannot legally make the DUI traffic stop.

• Failure to Read Miranda Rights: In some cases, a police officer may fail to read a driver his/her Miranda Rights before placing the person under arrest. Miranda Rights are read to inform the person of his/her right to remain silent, right to an attorney, and right to have an attorney appointed to him/her. If the officer does not read the driver his/her Miranda Rights, anything the driver said before his/her arrest may not be admissible in court.

• Inaccurate Field Sobriety Test Results: After a person is suspected of drunk driving, he/she may be asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests for the police officer. It is up to the police officer to determine if the person has passed or failed his/her field sobriety tests. The police officer must closely monitor the person’s balance, coordination, and motor skills while the person performs the test. It is believed that if a person is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, he/she will have poor coordination. However, a person can perform poorly during the field sobriety tests for many reasons other than being intoxicated. Some of these reasons may include: slippery road conditions, poor lighting, poor instructions, and medical conditions that impair the person’s coordination.

Why hire an Northern Kentucky DUI defense lawyer?

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Northern Kentucky, you may wonder whether you should involve an attorney. This is an important issue to consider. We cannot stress enough how important it is to involve an Northern Kentucky DUI Attorney as early in the process as possible. Upon your failure or refusal of a breath test or blood test, your driver’s license may automatically be suspended. Many people in Northern Kentucky need a license to keep a job and care for themselves and their families. If keeping your license is important to you, you should speak immediately with an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss your options and to learn how your right to drive can be protected. You will be facing criminal charges in court. This means that you may face imprisonment as well as heavy fines, community service, counseling, or mandatory drug/alcohol treatment or rehabilitation. This is a legal process, and law enforcement and the prosecution will be working hard to try to secure a conviction against you. Your Northern Kentucky DUI lawyer will be the only person on your side, standing in the way of a potential conviction, DUI penalties, a criminal record, and a limited future.

For the experienced help you need and deserve, Contact The Northern Kentucky Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC today. We are here to defend you against your DUI charges and will offer you the level of legal counsel you rightfully deserve. Contact the Northern Kentucky DUI Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC.


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