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Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch

When you are in need of legal services in Northern Kentucky, you need to find the right Northern Kentucky Attorneys. Whatever legal problems arise in your life, you will be in good hands with one of the highly-regarded Northern Kentucky Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC.

The Northern Kentucky attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC have years of courtroom experience. We are proud to ardently and aggressively represent your case, no matter its size. You can depend on us to fight to obtain the best outcome for you.

If you choose us to represent you, you will receive the benefit of seasoned professionals who enjoy legal challenges big and small. We have the background to understand the most complex of issues to ensure that your matter is efficiently handled.

The Northern Kentucky Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC commonly utilize a co-counsel approach to maximize the outcome in clients’ cases. When you hire The Brunk Firm, PLLC for your legal needs, there will often be two attorneys working on your case.

Through utilizing a co-counsel approach, the attorneys are able to add additional perspectives and ideas to tackling your legal issues. Additionally, if your case goes to trial it helps to have multiple attorneys on your side ready to deal with the fast-paced interactions and adjustments that a trial necessarily entails.

If you are seeking Northern Kentucky Attorneys contact The Brunk Firm, PLLC. Our lawyers are available to answer all your questions and look forward to resolving your legal problems.

The extent of the legal services we provide is unique to our firm. Our lawyers are prepared to assist you with all phases of your legal matter. This includes representation for:

When accused of a crime the stakes are always high. Being convicted of a crime can include heavy fines, imprisonment and, even the death penalty. A criminal charge can cause your life to spiral out of control. If you are charged with a crime don’t hesitate to call the experience Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC.

A DUI conviction carries serious consequences for many years. In Kentucky a conviction for a first DUI conviction will result in mandatory fine, driver's license suspension, alcohol and driving classes and may even include jail time. If you are charged with a DUI don’t hesitate to call the experience DUI Defense Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC.

Do you want to file for divorce in Northern Kentucky? Are you involved in a dispute with your former partner over child custody or support payments? At The Brunk Firm, PLLC our Northern Kentucky divorce and family law attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights while seeking the best possible outcomes for their cases.

Irrespective of whether you were injured in a car accident or from a slip and fall accident, our attorneys will fight to get you the recovery you deserve.

Whether setting up a business, dissolving one or just dealing with day-to-day operating issues, our attorneys can provide intelligent legal guidance for your business.

Whether it is drafting a simple will, a complex trust, or probating an estate our attorneys can help you with all you Estate Planning needs.

If you are struggling with debt our attorneys can help you pursue your debt relief options whether it may be Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

If you are facing a civil litigation lawsuit our attorneys have the experience you need and deserve to properly guide you through the litigation process.

Our firm provides aggressive representation with a Personal Touch to our clients in a range of legal matters. When a resolution is not possible, we will not hesitate to pursue aggressive litigation to protect our client interests in court. Whether it is a First Offense DUI or Personal Injury case, the Attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC will use our varied experience to resolve the case in a manner that will result in the best possible outcome for our client’s case.

The Brunk Firm, PLLC uses its decades of legal experience to ensure swift and successful outcomes in the most cost-effective manner. If you would like to learn more about our firm, discuss you case, and learn about the ways in which our Northern Kentucky lawyers can be of assistance, Contact The Brunk Firm, PLLC today.

The Brunk Firm, PLLC provides full service legal representation to the citizens of all Kentucky counties, including the northern Kentucky counties of Kenton, Campbell, Boone, Grant, Gallatin, Carroll, Owen and Pendleton, which encompass the cities of Burlington, Florence, Covington, Newport, Fort Mitchell, Fort Wright, Independence, Ludlow, Highland Heights and Alexandria. © 2014 Jeffrey D. Brunk.