Charged with First DUI Offense in Northern Kentucky

Have You Been Charged with A DUI First Offense?

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Northern Kentucky First DUI Defense Attorney

Have you been arrested for a first DUI offense in Northern Kentucky? If so, the attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC can help. Northern Kentucky DUI attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC are experienced trial lawyers who fully understands the criminal courts. They could apply their extensive experience to your case, defending your constitutional rights and protecting your driving privileges to help you secure a positive case outcome.

Although a conviction for a first DUI offense in Northern Kentucky may not result in a mandatory term of imprisonment, there are many potential penalties that a defendant may face:

• 4 month driver’s license suspension

• Probation for up to two years

• mandatory alcohol classes

• Fines and court fees of up to $1,000.00

• 0 to 30 days in county jail

Having a DUI conviction on your criminal record may also affect your reputation, your career and future employment or educational opportunities.

How Can a Lawyer Help in your DUI First Defense?

An experienced lawyer can help you in a number of ways in the face of a first DUI offense. After your arrest, you may be asked to submit to a breath or blood test, and your results will influence whether you will face drunk driving charges. Although you may have taken this test and showed a result that was well above the legal limit, there are ways that an Northern Kentucky DUI lawyer can challenge the manner in which the test was conducted or the accuracy of the breath test device itself. There are actually numerous ways to challenge not only breath tests and blood tests, but field sobriety tests as well. The attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC will not rest until they have utilized every resource to fully defend your rights and interests. Contact our firm today for a consultation regarding your DUI charges.

To have the greatest opportunity of avoiding the negative consequences of an Northern Kentucky DUI conviction, be sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. As an experienced Northern Kentucky DUI lawyer, the attorneys at The Brunk Firm, PLLC are here to offer you the aggressive and dedicated representation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how you can avoid serious DUI penalties.


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