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Free Divorce Consulation


Divorce, custody, and family disputes can be very emotional and important matter that we at The Brunk Firm, PLLC take special pride in handing, In any circumstance, the break up of a marriage involves many legal issues that must be thoroughly researched and evaluated and cannot be overlook, so that our clients obtain the best and most equitable result upon the termination of their marriage.

Northern Kentucky Divorce Attorneys recognize that divorce and child custody issues can create great stress and cause individuals to take unrealistic positions on a variety of topics. We work hard to open the lines of communication and help families work through this often difficult process while creating an environment which will allow children to enjoy a normal and healthy childhood and lifestyle.

Whether you need an uncontested divorce, enforcement of an existing agreement, decree, or court order, custody dispute, or child support we are able to help preserve and enforce your rights in the Northern Kentucky counties.

If you are considering divorce or have just been served with divorce papers contact an attorney at
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